Identifying Customer Avatar

Who is your Audience?

If you think

Everyone is my audience, then probably no one is your audience.

When I heard it for the first time, I was puzzled. I thought that I heard it wrong.

This is where, the concept of Targeting Audience comes in.

Take an example – Let’s say you are at the bus stop and suddenly someone from the crowd starts addressing to the people as “Hey People….” Are going to respond?-NO, Right!

How many people do you think at the bus stop are going to respond to that guy? Not Much!

Now let’s say, instead of addressing the crowd as “Hey People…” the guy addresses them as

“I am looking for say Gaurav…is there anyone here whose name is Gaurav?”

There are chances that there might be one or more than one “Gaurav” in the crowd at the bus stop.

You would also agree that this time the guy stands a chance for better response.

If you try to talk to everyone, no one is going to be your audience.

How to talk?

Marketing is all about good communication.

You need to practice communication skills to be a good marketer.

Communication is the KEY to success.

No matter what other skills you have, there are high chances of you being run over, if your communication skills are not polished.

This holds true irrespective of the business or the profession you are in.

Communication skills can be broadly categorized into

  • Writing Skills and
  • Speaking Skills

Email Marketing requires writing skills while Public speaking demands speaking skills.

Writing is about saying less and talking more & Email Marketing is much more powerful than posting on social media.

The messaging power is not much in Social Media because you are NOT talking to a specific person but a bunch of people over there.

Since there is NO one to one communication, the impact of social media posts is not much. Try relating social media post with the example of a person addressing crowd as “Hey People…” at the bus stop.

Email is like having more of a one-to-one communication.

Emails are more of a kind of personalized messages and has a greater impact on the recipient.

How to draft effective Marketing emails?

  • Avoid showcasing complex vocabulary
  • Write in simple language
  • Address people by their first names
  • The headline should encourage the people to the read the first sentence, the first sentence should encourage the people to read the second sentence, and the second sentence should encourage the people to read the third sentence and so on.
  • Avoid using weak lines as a weak line is all it takes to lose the attention and the interest of the reader.
  • Personal Persona: The email should have the same experience for the reader as if you are talking to him over a phone call or having a face to face discussion with him
  • Join mental conversations: Instead of starting a new conversation, join conversations that people are already having in their mind.

Say for e.g.: The subject line of your email- “Do you to earn from Blogging?” would help build an immediate connect with the audience.

How to effectively write an email for 1000 persons at a time?

While you might be planning to write an email to hundreds or thousands of your subscribers on your email list, the following tips shall make your content more engaging

  • Have one specific person in mind while writing an email
  • Address them by their name(s)
  • Write to that person as if you are writing a personal letter to him/her
  • The recipient(s) should get a feel that you wrote directly to them keeping them in mind.

This help in building an invisible connect with the reader.

The immediate question that you might have is “How to write for one specific person” while you have 1000 persons in your email list.

This is where the Concept of Customer Avatar peeps in.

The core idea is to know the MINDSET of your Target audience.

And the best way to identify your Customer Avatar is through surveys, getting into discussions, trying to understand their pain points and concerns and their overall mind-set. (this website) is a Personal Finance Blog.

Recently I took a survey to understand who typically my Customer Avatar is and what is his/her mind-set when it comes to Investment.

Here is my Customer Avatar Survey link.

I would like to share 3 responses from the survey.

  1. Ankit aged 32 years is a salaried employee. He believes money is more important than Mind-set for investment. While he does not invests regularly, he relies on recommendations from others to make his investment decision. He prefers to invests is Risk Free investments.
  2. Annie aged 27 years is a salaried employee and she too believes that money is more important over mind-set for investment. Though she researches on the avenues for investment on her own but she does not invests regularly. She prefers to invest in stock market.
  3. Akhil aged 33 years is a businessman. He believes that Mind-set for investment is more important than money. While he does not invest regularly, he relies on his own research and follows News channels & newspapers to make an informed decision. He too prefers to invest in stock market.

I found through the survey that my Customer Avatar is an working individual within an age bracket of 25-34 years, having no fixed schedule for investment and they prefer to do the research & ground  by themselves and take the decision for investment accordingly.

I got a better understanding through the survey and now I know exactly what content should I be focusing on more while I write.

Basically I can say I have 2 Customer Avatars (Ankit & Akhil) after the survey.

If you want to take this survey as well, here is the link.

I have also shared a few tips on “How to become a better marketer”.

Speaking Skills are as important as writing skills.

The best way to connect to the audience is to assume as if you are talking to a friend.

Remember, if you cannot converse well 1:1, you cannot converse 1: Many

You need to be equally good in your writing as well as speaking skills to come out as a better marketer.

How to become a better marketer?

In order to be a good marketer, it is important to understand first “what is marketing?”

To simply put, Marketing is all about the process of building TRUST.

With sales you are building Trust with a single person but with marketing you building Trust with a lot of people.

One of the Core factors while building Trust, is to have One-on-One conversations.

The very essence of Marketing is being authentic. People are attracted to someone who is real.

How to become a better Marketer?

  • Always talk to the crowd as if you are talking to a friend
  • Though you might be talking to a lot of people at a time, but to each listener it should feel as if you are talking to him or her personally.
  • Accept yourself , don’t try to fake. People are tired of people with fake personas.
  • Gather more life experiences- Travel more, read more, learn new skills & languages, meet more people, interact more
  • Try to practice building connect between different things so as to be able to join mental conversations
  • Don’t hold strong opinions- be flexible & be ready to challenge your belief system
  • Break patters-take a road you have never travelled on before
  • Go deep very deep, push yourself beyond normal
  • Be open minded

That’s all this post!

If you would like to add something  please drop a comment below and share your thoughts.

I hope this article was helpful.

Keep looking this space for more.

Till then stay healthy, stay positive.



Hitesh K

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