New GST Registration process

Registration process under GST w.e.f. 21 August 2020

Aadhar Authentication for new GST registration

Aadhar based authentication for GST Registration has been introduced to further simplify the GST registration process and ensure speedy and hassle free allotment of GST number.

Aadhar vbased authentication shall be applicable for new GS registration and is applicable from 21 August 2020.

Key highlights

  • An applicant opting for Aadhar based authentication would get the GST Registration Certificate within 3 days and on the other hand an applicant opting to apply otherwise might have to wait up to 21 days, provided no notices has been issued which in such situation shall take few days more.
  • Under aadhar based application the applicant need not wait for physical verification of the premises for the issue of registration certificate while in theĀ  case the physical verification of premises is a pre-requisite before the officer could issue the GST registration certificate.

GST Registration Aadhar authentication

The link to the GST portal for new registration has been shared in the menu drop down under GST > GST New Registration Application.

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