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Welcome to Click N Learn- your own Personal Finance Blog

Welcome to Click N Learn- your own Personal Finance Blog.

This is the first blog post and I would like to take this opportunity to tell what this blog is about.

I have been talking about investments for more than 10 years now.

The most common objection which I still get to hear while talking about investments is –

“You need a higher income to start Investing”

But that is NOT True. Investment is all about MINDSET.

If you are one of them who believes that one needs to have high Income or enough savings before one can think about investing, THINK once again.

Lets take a situation where one person is earning 20,000 per month and after paying the rent, EMI’s and other expenses has a net savings of 3,000 per month and on the other hand there is another person who is living in his hometown, in his parent’s house, earning 6,000 per month and has a net savings of 4,500 per month.

By now, by relating to the above example one can justify, that high Earnings is not a perquisite, the MINDSET for investment is all that matters.

If you are still finding it difficult to convince yourself, browse through the Internet and you will find thousands of examples of billionaires now who started out of zero. You will be more surprised to read that some of them started when they were as young as six years old.

It is said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years back and the second best time is now.

Similarly the best time to invest was 12 years back and the second best time is now.

Its Never too late

An Investor needs to be patient to see the results of his Investment, because it takes time.

Two reasons why Get Rich Schemes are so successful is-

  • Most people do not take Investment seriously over the years, they talk about Investing but never invest and
  • By the time they realize that its too late, they want to compensate for not starting early and get lured by investment schemes which promises 3 to 4 times the return on the amount invested in a half the span of time.

And people tend to put in everything they have earned out of greed. We all know the end result of such schemes. Most turn out into scams. Some even provide Negative Returns. What can be more worse than that !!

Growing money is NOT just the ONLY goal of Personal Finance Management, one must also know how to protect the wealth. After all it is your hard earned money.

I welcome you on-board, to take you on to this Financial Freedom journey where I will discuss on each aspect of personal finance, some good habits that we need to adopt and some bad habits which we need to say good-bye to forever.

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Be you own Personal Finance Planner.

I have a small activity for you today- Start tracking your expenses, all of them.

Track each penny, see where are you spending and we will discuss about it in the next blog post.

I shall also be discussing about some Personal Finance tips and Productivity Hacks in this blog from time to time.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates! Stay safe, Stay Healthy !


Hitesh Khanna

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